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A Little About Me

Unique Hand Knit Items, by a Unique Person

Do you love Unique one of a kind gifts? 

This may be the place for you! Let me tell you a little about me, and my 'Why'. 

First things first, Hi! I'm Kelsey. I'm a hard working wifey living in Airdrie with my Hubby and all my Fur babies (and some scaley ones). I work full time, but since I was little have always dreamed of working for myself. So for the time being I am doing both! 

I come from a very large, very loving family. My Mom and Grandma often help out with my business. 

Personally, being from Alberta I live in Toques. Let's be real here; it's mostly because who has time to deal with their hair in the winter? and managing the static? No thank you! So toques! I believe everyone living in Alberta should own a decent range of toques, one for every mood! 

I also believe that clothing, and accessories should last! My family is full of men, and let me tell you they are rough on clothing! But you know what lasts? Hand Knit items. I pride myself on making items that you will want to wear for years to come. 

When I am not knitting, or working, I can be found either in our bus that we converted, or out on the lake fishing with my husband. We spend most of the summers outdoors, so if you order something during the summer just know that I was likely sitting down by the fire knitting it. 

I hope you enjoy my little store. Please hang out and introduce yourself. 

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