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2020 Musings

You know.. considering the shit year everyone has had there has been some amazing things happen.

Many charity drives has broken records this year, collecting more money and supplies for Alberta's less fortunate.. that means even though many people have less to give, they are still giving.

I've seen so much community spirit in the last week, people banding together to help shovel out their neighbour's, or pick up groceries for those that are in isolation.

People are connecting on a deeper level, without being in physical contact. More people are checking in on their friends, and seeing who in the community may need help.

There are people offering up all the required groceries to families that can't afford to do their traditional Christmas meal.

So many small business who feared closure, or bankruptcy were overwhelmed with community support during the holiday season. So much so that many people are referring their customers to other local businesses.

This will be the 2020 I choose to remember.

Cheers to Christmas 2020, the year where we all had to dig a little deeper to find out what mattered most to us and our communities. Cheers to the front line workers who kept us safe. Cheers to the people who worked from home where they could.

Thank you to everyone who supported my local business this year. I hope you know how much I truly appreciate it.

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