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Out with the old, and in with the new.

I always love looking at the New Year as a new chapter. Personally, I am not one to celebrate the New Year.. so don't call or text me at Midnight, I will be sleeping. :D However I truly love the new chapter that I am able to open. A new approach to my business, and getting rid of practises that just simply didn't work for me.

So, what was different in 2020? This last year I did not do ANY markets! Not a one! And you know what, I had a lot more time for my family. I love doing markets, but they take an awful lot of prep. I was able to sit back this year and take a good look at the types of markets I was getting into, as well as who I was catering too. I did try to put some of my products into a store, and while it was a great fit for the first couple month, it just didn't bring the success I had hoped for.

Looking forward, I am going to work harder on my Social Media game. Because lets face it, no one is more supportive of your business than that random internet friend you've never met. Also, I cant help but love apps like TikTok. They're so much fun, and give me a chance to not only show you what I am working on, but also show off a little of who I am. Because lets face it, who I am is a very big part of my business. I am quirky, one of a kind and so are my knits.

In 2021, I intend to build more of a robust website. When I was busy doing all the markets I was unable to keep up with the online updates. So going forward there will be a more well thought out posts, more frequently updated items.. and maybe more blog posts?!

If there are any markets you think I should look into please feel free to contact me.

I hope you all have a wonderful New Years how ever you celebrate.



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