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Our 1000 Toque Goal

1000 toques sounds like an awful lot. However, that is how many toques we would need to sell in order to be able to get 1 round of IVF.

Let me back up a little and explain how we got to this goal.

We have been trying for the past 6 years to get pregnant. Unfortunately due to PCOS we have been unable to conceive so far. With Multiple failed rounds of IUI, as well as medicated cycles, the next option for us is IVF. IVF is a very invasive medical procedure helping many people with the chance to get pregnant when they never thought they would be able to. Basically what they do is they harvest the eggs from one partner then fertilize them in the lab. They keep these little fertilized eggs for a couple days to see which ones are viable and one or two of the viable embryos are implanted back into the uterus. This is a lot of medical procedure for a 50% success rate.. All of this doesn't come cheap either. With a price tag starting around $20k, but by the end of the cycle most couples are likely to end up paying closer to $30k.

This has been an incredibly trying time, with such a high price tag IVF was something we never thought we would be able to afford. We both work full time, have paid off vehicles- but without getting loans $30k is a lot to drop for anyone! We had also hoped it would never come to this. It's a big cost, and a big leap of faith.

If anyone knows me, then you know that I am an incredibly stubborn and determined human- who very rarely takes no for an answer. Coming from a large family, I have always wanted to create a large family for myself. I found an amazing partner, who came with a son who gave me the honour of becoming a stepmom! Which was perfect, I got to flex my maternal instinct. We love our little family very much- but that desire to expand it has never really gone away even through all the rounds of medications and procedures.

There was no way I was ready for the fact that this might be the end of our fertility journey if we were not able to pay for IVF. I am not ready to stop trying. We have so much more love to share.

Being the planner that I am, getting the phone call from the Fertility Clinic telling me IVF was the next step- it got the wheels turning. What if we could afford IVF? Would we try it? -Of course! There is nothing we wouldn't try once to make this dream become a reality. Fundraising came up when I was spitballing ideas in my head. I have this small business, that is great for making a little side money.. but what if I could use it to make our dreams happen?! Some quick math later I realized we would need to sell 1000 toques in order to pay for 1 round of IVF. We really are putting all of our eggs in one basket with this one. 1 last ditch effort to try and expand our family. To give our son some younger siblings to share his last name with, to teach to play football- and to teach how to push ALL of our buttons. To give me someone to take care of, to give my husband a little shop apprentice. Someone who will share our love of nature and our kindness.

We both know some incredibly supportive humans, and we come from hard working families. We thought instead of doing some sort of GoFundMe, if we could sell a product we stand behind we *might* just have a chance at this. From this #ToquesforIVF was started. 1000 toques to pay for 1 round. 1000 toques to keep the community warm. 1000 toques to support local.

We appreciate everyone reaching out and sharing their stories with us. We have done a couple interviews with the local papers and radio station hoping this helps our fundraising event gain traction. If you are looking for a great gift for someone this year, consider shopping local and helping someone like us make their dreams become a reality.

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