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Fertility Update!

Hey Everyone! I know I have been a little bit quiet on the fertility front of things.

Truth be told I just got back from a much needed vacation. I had to leave town because I was so worn down, I AM so worn down. Prior to my vacation we had started something called a Superovulation IUI. This is basically the medication for IVF, but done in an IUI cycle. Let me be the first to tell you, messing with your hormones is hard. Taking 2 hours off work every 3 days for ultrasounds is hard. Injecting yourself day and night is hard.

Our Super IUI was progressing okay, the doctors were concerned that I had reacted so well to the ovary stimulants. My eggs still weren't getting to the right size, but there was many of them. after 3 ultrasounds, $2000 in prescriptions, daily injections and taking 18(!) different supplements daily we were informed that we could not go ahead with the IUI. They informed me that because I had so many eggs I would end up being an octomom if we carried on with the procedure. We were also warned "Do NOT have intercourse." While it was really hard to abstain when the likelihood for pregnancy was so high, we had to weigh our options. We wanted so badly for this to be our cycle, but could not get over the risk of having SO MANY at once. We have come to grips with the fact that our fertility treatments could end in us having twins or even triplets, but more than that is too much for us. It was a really hard time to have these discussions and try and figure out what to plan. I felt so incredibly let down, I felt as though we could have done SOMETHING more.

Then the day after we had made that decision my husband actually left to go gold mining for two weeks. So I had to sit with my thoughts alone for a while. I have to say, it felt like a grieving period. It is really hard to put into words how that loss (but is it really a loss?) feels. It hurts. It makes you feel less than. I so needed my vacation.

When our doctor told us that we would not be proceeding is when they gave me the information for IVF. They briefly went over how the payments would look. They do not do any sort of payment plans, however they do recommend a place that does loans for IVF. My husband and I agreed at the start of this that if we were unable to come up with the funds we would not go into a loan for this. It just adds further stress. So, with a quote of near $25k (plus 4-9K for medications) we have decided to really resume our funding journey.

I have over 1500 followers on Instagram, as well as a bunch on TikTok. If each and every one of you could please take a moment, share our storefront or perhaps share a post. Any engagement at all helps. Unfortunately our Superovulation IUI cycle has left our fertility account rather low, and we are now trying to come up with $25K for this IVF journey.

Any way, thank you so much for reading! I promise to try and be better with updates!

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