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What knit items can you start using to become more eco-friendly?

1) Dryer balls. These things are my new love affair. I have a whole blog post about how these bad boys work, so I won't bother going too in depth. But in short: Using them reduces the amount of dryer sheets that end up in the land fill. Also, they break up the clothes in the dryer and make them dry faster so you can run shorter cycles.

2) Bath Mitts. Ok, do you use a loofa? Probably one from Wal-mart or the Dollarstore right? Ok, some are compostable (so bonus points for using them!) however, they only last a couple weeks. After that you're actually supposed to throw them out. So, try this alternative instead.. they are a little bit more money than the typical plastic one, but you can wash them and reuse them. This also helps prevent mould or bacteria build up. You can wash them regularly and still get a great exfoliation.

3) Dish Scrubbies. If you use Terry cloths, try making the switch. These 100% cotton dish scrubbies are completely washable. You can reuse them so much longer than terry cloths or those green scrubbies that we all buy for our dishes. Don't like the circular shape? I also make traditional dish cloths.

4) Face Scrubby. Speaking of scrubbies.. this is amazing, you can use it to replace your cotton rounds that you use for washing your face. These are compact, and are made with a nice little finger slot to make them super easy to use, and when you've washed your face.. just throw these bad boys in with the laundry.

5) Knit market bags. We already know that the world is overrun with plastic bags. The importance of reusable bags has been shoved down our throats lately, so I won't harp on that too long. But, these super cute bags come in bright happy colours and make grocery shopping so much more fun.

6) Swiffer covers. If you use a swiffer you already know that you end up with a lot int eh garbage. A cotton replacement slips on to your swiffer the same as the store bought ones, but when you've swept you just toss it in the laundry.

7) Mug cozy. It seems like such a silly little thing, but think about how many coffees you drink during the winter months. I bet it's quite a few, after all we are Canadians and there is a reason Tim Hortons thrive so well here. So, how many coffee sleeves do you use? I know I ask for one every time. All of that is recyclable.. but what if we didn't have to add those to the bin, what if you had a super cute customized hand knit sleeve you used? You can keep one in your car for every time you go through the drive thru.

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