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Summer Heat Waves

As we get further into the summer the temperature keeps going up. I, for one, am not very good at high temperatures. I am definitely built for the winter months in Alberta, which is partly what interested me in knit clothing in the first place. I have always had an abnormally large collection of toques and cardigans.

Trying to figure out how to translate the comfort of knit wear to a summer fashion was a bit of a stretch for me. However, now that I have accomplished that I feel so proud.

You may have noticed some new photos hitting the website and socials this week. When we were shooting these I was trying to take notes from the models to hear what they liked, or didn't like about the clothing. The general consensus was that they weren't expecting the clothing to be as breathable as it was.

When you think of knit (or crochet tops) most people think of festival wear. Which I wanted to modify for a wider audience of people. The Macy top is the best top to throw on over your bathing suit when you're on your way to the beach. It is inspired by the festival top style, but functional enough that you're not going to get a tassel caught in your car door as you're loading up to head out camping.

I was wanted to be very size inclusive when I made the tops for the Summer Line. I was lucky enough to find two models who are not only beautiful human beings, but also varying sizes. At first Nina was a little wary when I told her she would be wearing crop tops, because as like most of us she is self conscious of her midsection. To get the feedback after the photo shoot that she not only felt comfortable in the clothing, but also wanted to purchase a top felt amazing! I tried to ensure the larger sizes were ones that I could shape better for women who are more endowed than others, and these tops will keep the ladies exactly where they should be! We were all a little concerned at the photoshoot that going without bras would leave room for wardrobe malfunctions... but they held up awesome! Every thing stayed where it was supposed to stay!

On the other side of the sizing spectrum I wanted to make sure that the lines, and shape of the tank tops shaped women who maybe aren't as endowed as others. The neckline, and ribbed waist of the tops creates the perfect hourglass shape that flatters all shapes!

I truly believe that every body should embrace their shape, and I hope that getting your hands on some of these beautiful pieces will make you feel as beautiful as you deserve to feel! Now get out there and enjoy that sun!

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