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Sweater Weather!!

Blue/Green Raglan Sweater Gifted to Alex

Yay! Guys, this is seriously my favourite season! To say I love sweaters would be an absolute understatement. So here is a whole blog post dedicated to sweaters! (It wont be a long post, because there's literally only so much one can discuss sweaters)

I wear a lot of knitted cardigans because I feel like you can dress them up and they can be comfortable, as well as work appropriate. However, I have just started knitting regular raglan sweaters and fell in love with the style. Every single one I have made as a gift I have had to REALLY convince myself to give it to the recipient. I will be posting some for sale on my site soon, I am just waiting on a couple models to make them look amazing for me!

Photo Credit: Jen Freedman Models: Yvette & Haven
Bat Wing Sweater

Sweaters are completely unisex, which makes them great gifts for Christmas! Also, they're warm you cant help but feel cozy in a big ole hand knit sweater. I knit all of my sweaters in an acrylic yarn to avoid itchy scratchy textures, also because they're super easy to machine wash. Toss them in the machine using cold water with like colours, and you can even dry them in the machine, as long as you do so on low heat.

Not a pull over fan? Or do you warm up by the time the afternoon rolls around? Wraps are the next best thing, or a Bat wing sweater. They're great because they add warmth and keep the draft off your neck, but they don't mess up your hair when you take them off. ;) I like to keep my big triangle wrap on the back of my office chair, that way I am not really committed.. but if I start getting chilly its super easy to throw on.

What type of sweater is your favourite? Message me with your responses for a chance to win a Coupon Code to use on my website to get your own hand knit sweater for the season. <3

This seasons soundtrack brought to you by The Neighbourhood.

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